Quick Lunch Combo – Week of 10/26/2015

  • Red Curry Chicken
  • Yellow Curry Chicken
  • Massaman Curry Beef
  • Green Curry Chicken
  • Pineapple Curry Tofu
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Tofu Curry
  • Pat Thai Vegetable
  • Teriyaki Wings
  • Cashew Chicken
  • Pepper Tofu
  • Sarm Sahai Pork
  • Panang Beef
  • Spicy Noodle Tofu


Quick Lunch Combo – Week of 10/5/2015

<li>Red Curry Chicken</li>
<li>Yellow Curry Chicken</li>
<li>Massaman Curry Beef</li>
<li>Green Curry Chicken</li>
<li>Pineapple Curry Tofu</li>
<li>Mixed Vegetables</li>
<li>Tofu Curry</li>
<li>Pat Thai Vegetable</li>
<li>Teriyaki Wings</li>
<li>Mushroom Kai</li>
<li>Shu Shee Tofu</li>
<li>Spicy Cabbage Pork</li>
<li>Bamboo Beef</li>
<li>Basil Noodle Tofu</li>